The Courtship of Green Truck and the Art Department

I think Green Truck has a crush on us. I started to suspect it last week when the restaurant-on-wheels started courting us like one teenager asking another to prom. Every day they would park their big green vehicle right outside the elephant door at our stage and a staff member would appear upstairs in our little art department to suggest we order lunch from them. Finally, on Monday of this week, we decided to give in, but when we called to place our order, we were informed that they aren’t open on Mondays. Why then, did a Green Truck guy come tell us that very morning that they were? Oh Green Truck, I thought we were past all the game-playing days of our youth!

Now we were intrigued. Seems hard-to-catch is actually an effective ploy. We had better luck today when I ordered the breakfast burrito which was filled with a scramble of tofu, broccoli, onion, and spinach. (Breakfast for lunch!–I know, I’m so scandalous). According to the menu, there were supposed to be black beans as well but alas, they were missing. The meal really could have used them too, but it was still tasty without. The tortilla was a flour-less one, which is sort of boggling to think about. It tasted just like a regular tortilla but it broke apart very easily. When it was all said and done, the burrito was more of a tofu scramble with tortilla bits in it, than something you could eat out of your hands. The wrap also had a light slather of a very good bbq-esque sauce which was almost tangy enough to rival Pure Luck‘s. We also ordered hummus which had a weird gritty texture which would have been okay had it not also been completely devoid of any flavor.

This post makes it sound like I didn’t like my food, but I did, I did! There were just some flaws. But we can overlook a few things. Especially when the setbacks are made up for with other good character traits such as Green Truck’s commitment to sustainability. After all, we don’t need a Mr. Right, just a Mr. Right Now. So Green Truck, I’ll give you another chance. Let’s go out on a second date, and this time I promise not to get so drunk.

Green Truck

(the address is sort of pointless, just click on the website to see where the truck goes or call to place your delivery order at (310)204-0477.)


7 responses to “The Courtship of Green Truck and the Art Department

  1. I work on a major studio lot and we had the Green Truck brought in for our Earth Day celebration this year. I didn’t try because the vegan options didn’t speak to me and I always bring my lunch to work, but I was pleased to see that there were a couple options if I’d wanted to spend the money. They also had a great selection of vegan packaged goods, if I’m recalling correctly. You have me intrigued about which show you work on…maybe it’s one of “ours.” 🙂

  2. Yeah I definitely recommend you try them at some point. I doubt we work on the same lot as our lot is definitely not a major studio lot. It’s more of a studio wasteland 🙂

  3. Lisa (Show Me Vegan)

    Get out! A restaurant on wheels, showing up at your door, with scrambled tofu? I think I would faint if St. Louis developed such a thing!

  4. Haha, yeah…L.A. is an excellent place to be vegan

  5. bittersweetblog

    This sounds amazing, and nothing like anything near me! Ah, I’m so jealous…

  6. daaaaaaaaaaaamn that looks good! wish that truck would roll up to my studio in hollywood. we got nothin’ like that. jealous!

  7. Another reason to move to L.A.

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