Thanks to those who make my work day go by a little faster…

This picture is here for no other reason than the fact there is really no better way to start your Saturday than with a stroll through the Silver Lake farmer’s market with a cup of Fresh Iced Mint Tea from Casbah Cafe. Ok, on to business…

The very lovely Lisa at Show Me Vegan has nominated me for the Brillante Weblog award, which is very exciting because I am a huge fan of her blog and read it every day. Thanks, Lisa!

So now I have to nominate seven favorite blogs of mine and then let those bloggers know so they can “pay it forward” as Haley Joel Osment would say. Without further ado, here they are in alphabetical order:

Destiny’s Vegan Kitchen: She must be the busiest chica on the planet with the amount of stuff she seems to cram into any given day, including constantly whipping up tasty vegan delicacies.

Hot Knives: Fun videos and great-looking vegan food from a pair of cute L.A. hipsters

Kirby Von Scrumptious: Kirby is my friend in real life, so I have to nominate her, or else she might cancel our friendship. Luckily, I would be a psychotic stalker-fan of her blog even if I didn’t know that she is just as hilarious outside of the blogosphere as she is in it.

The Food Monster: also my friend in real life, The Food Monster is so awesome that I can even get over the ire I feel towards him when he eats ice cream five times a day and yet remains so svelte.

To Live and Eat in L.A.: the definitive L.A. vegan blog

Quarry Girl: She eats at all the same restaurants I do! What’s not to love?

Vegan Visitor: Absolutely gorgeous, drool-inducing photos


4 responses to “Thanks to those who make my work day go by a little faster…

  1. thanks! you are the bomb. and you are right about the possibility of friendship-cancellation. i base most of my major life decisions these days on how the outcome will affect my blog.

  2. whoa whoa whooooa thanks for adding me to this list! 🙂 i love your blog as well. yaaaaaay vegan food! very much looking forward to your future posts as well!

  3. destinyskitchen

    Thanks for the nomination! There are so many amazing vegan blogs now, not that I’m complaining! And that drink looks pretty darn good right now too…

  4. Lisa (Show Me Vegan)

    Your blog is so much fun. I really enjoy checking out the great vegan food you eat. Now I get to visit some of the blogs you mention that I don’t know about!

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