Olympimania Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

I love the Olympics! Especially the summer olympics. Especially diving, gymnastics, and swimming. Especially swimming. Especially Michael Phelps. For the past week I have been showing this picture to anyone who enters my office. Its Hottie McSixPack himself wearing the awesomely revealing Lzr Speedo. You should print it out and display it on your desk like I have. It really helps brighten up a room.

On Friday I headed over to Kirby Von Scrumptious‘ pad to watch the Opening Ceremonies and I whipped up some of Veganomicon‘s Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies to bring along. They were easy and delicious, although next time I might add more of the raspberry preserves to make the flavor come out a little more. These were pretty damn tasty–I might even put them on my Seduce-Michael-Phelps menu that I am mentally concocting in case I am ever presented with the opportunity to woo the fastest swimmer in the world with an amazing meal. Until that night comes, I’ll just have to settle for devouring these on Kirby’s couch. Le sigh.


8 responses to “Olympimania Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

  1. isn’t that book GREAT? i am not a fan of baked fruit, but the chewy chocolate part sounds appealing. i wonder if they would work without the raspberry. hmmmm. best of luck with the seduction..! ha.

  2. Those cookies really do look like they could seduce Mr. Phelps. But you better watch out, because I might try to seduce him first. Ahh, Olympian male swimmers have the bestest bodies ever.

  3. Liz (¡Yo Soy!)

    quarrygirl–yes, veganomicon is as awesome as everyone says it is. I can’t wait for PPK’s all brunch cook book to come out!!!

    ruby–Yeah male swimmers are awwwwesome. My other favorite this year is Matt Grevers. yummmmmmmm!

  4. i ate so many of those cookies that i (like Mr. Phelps) no longer look appropriate in a swimsuit…. not because of giant protruding dong syndrome, but because of giant protruding belly syndrome.

  5. The Food Monster

    The cookies were good, great with a drink of some kind. I had no idea they had raspberries in them. hmm, maybe use a lot more preserves next time.

  6. Mochachocolata Rita

    LOLLLLL the picture is totally revealing!

    i wonder which one is more of a temptation…phelps of the cookies hehehe

    i’ll go for the cookies (my sous chef is watching me typing) LOL

  7. I agree with you on that photo. My oh my!!! I have been drooling over him the past few weeks too. Its been amazing to watch, well and his body. During one of the warm-ups, he was about to take his jacket off and the camera panned to the score board. I was screaming just as loud as I would during the race at that, so not fair.

  8. The cookies look awesome but he’s no Greg Louganis back in the day. I had SUCH a crush on him.

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