Karaoke Coconut Pancakes

Saturday night we had a crazy karaoke showdown in Koreatown for Kirby Von Scrumptious‘ 25th bday. We drank lots of Hite, danced on tables, and belted out Ace of Base like it was our job. So needless to say, it was necessary to fuel myself with a good meal beforehand so I could last into the wee hours of the night.

My new favorite recipe is VWAV’s Coconut Pancakes. These pancakes are so coconut-y that they are almost chewy–in a good way. Next time I will omit the salt though. Top them with some Grade B maple syrup and you’ve got yourself enough sugar and deliciousness to power you through at least four to six eighties power ballads. These suckers would DEFINITELY be on my list of Dishes With Which to Seduce Michael Phelps Should He Ever Stop By My House For Breakfast. Speaking of which–holy crap! Michael Phelps! Did you guys see that 1/100th of a second win on Friday??? Oh my godddd.

Just when I was getting to think Michael Phelps is just too good to be true, my friend sent me this link, which argues, quite convincingly, that The World’s Fastest Swimmer might also be a bit of a tool. See Exhibit A here:

Oh well–I still wouldn’t turn him away if he came knocking on my door!


5 responses to “Karaoke Coconut Pancakes

  1. I love those pancakes, too! I made them only a few weeks ago. Delicious!

    That 1/100th of a second win was incredible. I loved watching all those replays. My hubby even showed me a blog where they posted still photos from something like each of the last 100ths of a second (if that makes any sense at all). That was the only thing I’ve seen where it was apparent that he won. Very cool!

  2. OH NO! Phelps looks very douche-y. 😦 But a lot of guys would wear a bath towel fashioned as a pair of shorts if they didn’t have a smart lady to guide them. So maybe there is hope.

    And I tried VWAV last night when I made the Mango Ginger Tofu…. YUMMERS!!!

  3. Lisa (Show Me Vegan)

    I think he’d love those pancakes, but you’d be cooking all night because he’d probably need about 15 batches of them considering his huge appetite!

  4. Those pancakes look great….I am convinced that the vegan pancake is the new vegan sausage – everyONE is making them!

    Yours look great, and I hope they did the trick for your long night of Karaoke Carols.

  5. those are the PERFECT karaoke fuel. damn those look good. i love coconut. if i hear the name michael phelps one more time…..! don’t waste your beautiful pancakes on him! 😉

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