La Vida Dolce

Tuesday was our last day of principle shooting! We had Chipotle for lunch, which everyone seemed to agree was bad. You can absolutely tell that the place is owned by McDonalds. Everyone’s food was tiny, gross, or both. I ordered a fajita salad which was slimy black beans with a truckload of guacamole and two slices of bell pepper. It was totally unappetizing and I am totally dumbfounded that when this Culver City location of the franchise opened recently people waited in line for over an hour to get lunch there.

After our disappointing lunch, Canada and George went to walk down the street to get some cupcakes from Bluebird. They took forever though and when they returned I found out why–they had actually gone to Dolce Isola and brought back sorbet!!! Literally every time we went to lunch at Dolce Isola over the season, I would ask for a taste of their peach sorbet and come back and tell everyone how mind blowing it is. So those two tricksters brought back peach and coconut. The coconut turned out to be even better than the peach! It wasn’t really sweetened which was awesome. You would never guess that either one didn’t have dairy. See George and Canada digging in above. What a sweet way to end season five!

Dolce Isola
2869 S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA


5 responses to “La Vida Dolce

  1. I’m sorry about your meager Chipotle lunch. I’m not saying that Chipotle is my fave restaurant or anything, but the ones here in Ohio seem to serve much better food than what you described getting in California. That seems strange to me since I’m sure the ingredients they use in California are much fresher than the ones they use here!

    Anyway, I’m glad lunch was made up for with cupcakes and sorbet.

  2. I don’t care for Chipotle, either, and have never understood the fuss. I do love coconut sorbet, though! Glad you had a good end to principle shooting. 🙂 Learning that you just wrapped season 5 helps a little in determining exactly which show you work on, but I still have some investigating to do… 😉

  3. Sorry that you had a less than acceptable lunch. I have never been to Chipolte….but I think you have convinced me not to try one any time soon.

    But anything is worth suffering through if sorbet is at the other end.

  4. don’t talk about my boyfriend chipotle that way! i’ve never had the fajita salad, but the black bean burrito is massive and awesome! oh well, more for me. 😉 BTW mcdonalds hasn’t owned chipotle since ’06…

  5. Liz (¡Yo Soy!)

    I guess this Chipotle that we went to just must not have it’s at together, because everyone I’ve talked to seems to love the place and our set designer even said he eats at one on another side of town and the food there is great. So for those of you locals, if you are gonna go to Chipotle, just avoid the Culver City location!

    Vegyogini–there’s a lot of shows out there in their 5th season (i can think of four off the top of my head), but I wish you luck in your investigation 🙂

    Quarrygirl–thanks for the heads up re: Mcdonalds. I will correct that in the post.

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