Flore Cafe’s all-you-can-eat Indian leaves me stuffed like a samosa


I just got back from stuffing my face full of amazing vegan Indian food at one of Flore Cafe‘s All-You-Can-Eat nights.  Pictured above you can see (from top) aloo gobi, saag paneer, jasmine rice, lentil dal, and flat bread.  Everything was out-of-this-world good. The saag paneer was especially amazing and my dining mate, who I dragged with me, mentioned that the dish may have singlehandedly converted him from Indian food hater to Indian food luvva.  The flatbread was crispy and buttery at the same time.  Delightful iced mint tea was provided to wash it all down.

For dessert, there was a giant bowl of kheer–an Indian rice pudding.  It tasted like your basic delicious rice pudding except for one unqiue element–cilantro!  Who would have thought cilantro would taste good in a creamy dessert?  Not moi!  But it actually added a really interesting and subtle kick.  This photo is extremely unappetizing, but I assure you it tasted far better than it photographs.


My friend and I arrive around 8:45 and the place was practically empty.  While we were eating a little later than most people tend to have dinner, I was hoping there would be more of a crowd.  Listen up my fellow L.A. vegans!  We need to be supporting vegan establishments like Flore Cafe!  And at ten bucks for all the food you can stuff in your gut, this is a total steal!  I can’t wait to see what all-you-can-eat menus Flore Cafe will have in the future.  Maybe they will do another Indian theme for Diwali next week?  In the meantime, does anyone have a really good recipe for vegan saag paneer?

Flore Cafe

3206 W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA  90026




6 responses to “Flore Cafe’s all-you-can-eat Indian leaves me stuffed like a samosa

  1. OH MAN OH MAN!!!!! i wish i could have been there! i am so glad you went and that it was good. if i didn’t have plans already set, i’da been all over this.

  2. UM WHERE WAS I DURING THIS VISIT???? probably sitting at home, crying, eating stale crackers. BOO

  3. K–I didn’t bother inviting you bc I just figure you don’t have time for such silly shenanigans during the week!

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  5. Hey. Funny I just accidentally stumbled onto this from a comment you left on someone else’s post about my new restaurant…make sense?
    Anyhow…I’m the one who made the Indian food…almost forgot all about that…
    I am now the head chef at Sage bistro…I created all the menus there.
    I saw you did a post on us a while back…thank you
    Come by anytime and say hi

    Greg Arnold

  6. Hi Greg, I will definitely say hi next time I am at Sage!

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