Scrumptious Specials at Hugo’s Restaurant

You know you are a food nerd when at the beginning of each month, you find yourself constantly refreshing a restaurant’s homepage in anticipation of the release of their new specials.  This is the situation in which I often find myself with Hugo’s Restaurant.  Hugo’s regular menu is rife with amazing vegan dishes, but their specials menu tends to be extra incredible.  With that in mind, the delightful Vegyogini and I set off to lunch at Hugo’s Studio City location this past weekend.

We ended up ordering the exact same thing right down to the substitution of fruit salad for the side caeser salad.  The Sprouted Grain Ezekial Tortilla Bowl just sounded too good to pass up.  The dish is a blend of roasted veggies with brown rice, quinoa and pico de gallo, and is all jumbled up with pipian sauce (as the menu explains, it’s a member of the mole family).  The whole grains added a nice starchy factor that bound all the veggies together.  The pipian gave the whole mix a slightly nutty flavor.

As Vegyogini pointed out, now we finally know what to do with those darn Ezekial tortillas–because anyone who has every used them knows they  don’t wrap without breaking!  Now I just need Vegyogini to duplicate this dish complete with the instructions for making the bowl itself and the ingredients in the very unique pipian.  (Vegyo–Get on that please–I need to start making this at home until Hugo’s decides to put this on their permanent menu!)

It turns out, I couldn’t stop dreaming about the other  July specials, so I went back to Hugo’s the very next day!  I ordered the Sprouted Red Lentil Eggless Omelette.  Our waitress gladly subbed some brown rice for the turmeric rice and left off the yogurt.

The “omelette” is really more of a big fluffy pancake wrapped around sauteed veggies and covered in Hugo’s own tiki masala sauce (Let it be known, I would probably eat tree bark if it were covered in that amazing masala).  I doused the rice in the uber-flavorful tomato and cilantro-mint chutneys.  This is yet another special I’d like to see on the regular menu!

The boyfriend couldn’t resist ordering the infamous Soul Food Plate.  I’ll let the menu do the talking on this one: “BBQ organic tofu steak served with vegan and gluten-free corn bread topped with cauliflower florets covered in a mushroom leek gravy. Served with sides of braised leafy greens with garlic and onions and spiced maple roasted yams.”

I was particularly impressed with the cornbread and maple yams.  The maple was not overpowering so it was the perfect level of sweetness.  The cornbread had an amazing texture, and it too was not overly sweet.  The gravy on the cauliflower was also pretty special.  I love me a good vegan gravy!  The greens and tofu steak were not very memorable–just some basic, clean food.  This dish is the perfect size to split with someone else.

Now you better race off to Hugo’s quick because you only have 2.5 days left to experience these delightful July specials.  The good news is that that means I only have to wait 2.5 days until the August specials are revealed!

P.S.  I have been an absentee blogger as of late, but I’ve really been missing it.  So please stay tuned for more frequent posts on ¡Yo Soy!

Hugo’s Restaurant
12851 Riverside Dr.
Studio City, CA  91607


9 responses to “Scrumptious Specials at Hugo’s Restaurant

  1. oh YUM! i haven’t tried the tortilla bowl, but the eggless omelette and soul food plate are both amazing. man, hugo’s specials are the best…aren’t they?!

    BTW, if you sign up for the hugo’s newsletter, you get an email about the specials a few days in advance. 😉

  2. huzzah! What a great tip about the newsletter–Thanks QG!

  3. I’m totally on it! My wheels are turning and I have a pretty strong idea in place of how I’m going to replicate that dish. Thanks for the shout-out!

    You ordered the exact other 2 specials that I’ve been wanting to try! I’m going back Saturday for lunch and will try the omelet then. 🙂

    Excellent wrap-up and welcome back!

  4. OMG YUM! I’ve only been to Hugo’s once and it was ok. Need to go again!

  5. Great pics; I am especially salivating over that omelette. But I have to ask, no dessert?!

  6. Sadly I have never had dessert at Hugo’s! I am always too full to even think about it. I’m definitely gonna have to make a special trip to try this month’s dessert special: Brownie Tort with Fresh Raspberries. Look at this description!

    “Vegan & Gluten-Free. A wonderful chewy chocolate pecan brownie topped with a fudge frosting and fresh raspberries. They are so full of whole ingredients we consider them a more nutritious food source than any ordinary dessert.”

  7. I LOVE Hugo’s. I don’t know that I’ve ever tried the specials because I’m just so in love with the regular menu, but I definitely want to try something off the August menu!

  8. Kirbs–maybe we should do dinner at Hugo’s fri night?!

  9. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Never been to this place!! That all looks so good.

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