Fabulo eats at The Plant in San Francisco

I will eventually get back to telling you about the rest of my Portland eats but I wanted to stop in and tell you about the incredible meal I had at The Plant in San Francisco last weekend.  I drooled over Vegan Tickles’ description of the place and have been dying to go there ever since.

My mom and I scheduled a day of hanging out in SF on our way back from an amazing weekend in Yosemite and The Plant was our first stop.  We visited the Pier 3 location which offers a beautiful view of the water.  I was pleased to hear upon being seated that The Plant’s food is local and organic whenever possible.

I started off with the kombucha of the day (kombucha of the day!  don’t you love this place already?!)  This particular day the flavor was blueberry-basil-mint.  I was told it’s made by mixing the pureed fruit and herbs with a locally-produced kombucha they keep on tap.  SLURP.  So so good.

My mom and I both opted for the “Plant Burger:” hers with sauteed mushrooms and cheese, mine with saukerkraut and (vegan) raspberry wasabi aioli.  In a word, the plant burger is incredible.  The patty is unlike any other veggie burger I’ve ever encountered.  Made from lentils, mushrooms, beets, cashews, and bulgur wheat, it is soft almost to the point of being creamy.

The beets are definitely the predominant ingredient and they take on a really meaty taste and texture.  The burger is served on sourdough toast, which I would normally find too thin for a big patty, but it worked perfectly here.  The bread was toasted just enough to give the whole thing some crunch.  The saukerkraut and aioli are a perfect combo and each should be patented, jarred, and sold to me in bulk immediately! The aioli has the exact amount of wasabi to lend some zing without being overpowering.  The dish comes with a side of salad and roasted potatoes, but really who can pay attention to those when you are stuffing this awesome burger into your face?

I was pleasantly surprised to not feel uncomfortably full after out meal.  Often homemade veggie burgers can be really dense–especially the ones that are mostly nut-based–but the plant burger definitely made me satiated without needing an immediate three hour nap.  So mom and I ambled next door to The Plant’s take-away outpost.  Mom ordered a coffee and (non-vegan) macaroon and reported they were awesome.  I ordered a little raw raspberry brownie bite.

Now let me prepare you, I am about to make a pretty crazy statement. Are you ready?  Here it is: The Plant’s raw raspberry cheesecake may be the best dessert I have ever had.  This is a pretty strong assertion coming from the gal who has had no shortage of insanely delicious vegan desserts over the past few years.  I simply have never had another dessert that rattled around in my brain for so long after eating it.  For days, I couldn’t get the memory of this treat’s impossibly creamy texture out of my head.  I can’t begin to imagine how they make the filling so smooth.  The raspberry flavor was pronounced but had a kick of coconut.  Simply unbelievable.  A week later, I am still swooning.  This is a must try for vegans and non-vegans alike!

Go to The Plant.  The end.

The Plant
Pier 3
San Francisco, CA  94111


5 responses to “Fabulo eats at The Plant in San Francisco

  1. OMG…we probably just missed each other. My husband and I were at THE PLANT CAFE PIER 3 last Saturday night. Unfortunately we were extremely disappointment. We ordered the same burger you did, and it was a complete mess. The bread was soggy and the patty was so mushy. We also ordered a green Curry Thai inspired stir-fry and it was GROSSSSS!!!!! But, their VEGAN cupcakes were to die for!!!

  2. looks so delicious!

    have a nice time!

  3. The colours are just intense.

  4. Thanks for the review of The Plant. My company is in SFO and I go a couple times a year. I’ll have to check it out.

  5. Fate! My lil family and I are going to the city tomorrow. Maybe we’ll have to hit this place up on the way home. Thanks for posting.

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