Kind Kreme: Ice cream that does a body good

Kind Kreme is one of the best things to happen to the L.A food scene in a long time.  Their ice cream and soft serve is completely raw, vegan, and organic.  Now I lurrrve me some Scoops, but there hasn’t been a place in all of Los Angeles county where one could get a proper banana split until Kind Kreme came along.

Their ice cream is wonderful but I am a sucker for vegan soft serve.  Dairy-free soft serve is much harder to come by than dairy-free ice cream so when there is a chance for me to have it, I take it!  On a recent visit my friend ordered a soft serve cone (chocolate and vanilla swirled) while I ordered the same swirl in a cup with salted caramel sauce.  Salty sweet sauce with vanilla and chocolate soft serve?  Heaven.  Kind Kreme takes me back to the days when my grandma would take me to Hudson’s department store for a swirled cone.  Except Kind Kreme’s has flecks of real vanilla bean in it.  (At least I think that’s what it is!)  I was shocked to hear the soft serve has something like 4 ingredients in it total.  Makes me wonder how everyone else can go get that chemical stuff from Pinkberry and the like.


11 responses to “Kind Kreme: Ice cream that does a body good

  1. omg this post reminded me of how much I love kindkreme. I don’t go there nearly enough. they deserve a lot more attention!

  2. Looks like we’re in the “great minds think alike” category today! KindKreme is a great treat!

  3. Omigosh we need one of those in NY!! I’m googling right this minute! lol

  4. That ice cream looks super fantastico! Wow! Just amazing!

  5. Ohhh wow. I would love to try that. I’m on my way to San Fran next week. I hope they are there as well!

  6. I haven’t been there in way too long! That first picture with the caramel sauce is killing me!

  7. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I tried to make it to Scoops when I was in LA earlier this year, but I wasn’t able to! Now I have two places to hit up. That first cone = WOW.

  8. Oooh next time I’m in LA Kind Creme is a must try!

  9. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    How have I not been to this place yet?!! Thanks for the post 🙂

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