Reasons why the LA Vegan Beer Fest was the best beer fest ever!

I just got back from the LA Vegan Beer Fest where I had a great time.  I’ve been to three other beer festivals this year and honestly, this one was by far the best.  Here is why (aside from the obvious bonus–everything was vegan!):

1) No long lines. I am used to waiting in line for each pour, but today you were able to get refill after refill without any wait.  Same with all the food trucks!

2) The crowd was fun and friendly. Some beer fests tend to attract angry, macho types which doesn’t make for the best vibe.  The patrons of the LA Vegan Beer Fest were an electic mix of people just looking to have a good time.

3) Excellent organization. We didn’t run into any of the hassles that plague many beer festivals. such as not having enough bathrooms, confusion at the box office, or having no place to sit.  The most common problem in my experience is the vendors running out of beer early in the day.  Not the case at today’s event!  The breweries were all good to pour until last call.

4) THE FOOD. I never understand why a lot of beer festivals don’t have much in the way of food.  When you drink a lot of beer you get hungry!  That’s just basic science!  The food vendors at the Roxy were all excellent.  I snuck bites of everything my friends got so I ate quite the array.  I had a classic falafal sandwich from Yalla Truck with some super garlic-y fries from Fresh Fries.  I stole some of Kirby‘s hummus nachos from Sea Birds and devoured the chocolate-covered bacon that she got from Doomie’s (whose jalapeno poppers were apparently the hit of the day because they sold out!  I can attest–they were extremely tasty.)  I had to end the day with a sweet, so I indulged in a vanilla chai cupcake from Sea Birds that hit the spot.

5) The beer, of course! Every brewery I tried had good stuff, but once I got a taste of the pear and black currant ciders from Stone Brewery, I couldn’t bring myself to drink anything else.

6) Jesus was there. The holy guy doesn’t just show up at any ole festival, so you know this one had to be pretty special.

Thank you so much to QuarryGirl, Tony’s Darts Away, and The Roxy for hosting this awesome event.  I hope they make it a yearly happening (or monthly!  or weekly! …a girl can dream…)


11 responses to “Reasons why the LA Vegan Beer Fest was the best beer fest ever!

  1. this is the best post ever. thanks so much for coming and having a good time, and for writing about it so wonderfully! ❤

    let's have another fest in march!

  2. agree with everything above! the whole event was super fun!

    nice meeting you 🙂

  3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Look at the frosting on that cupcake! AHH! And did you seriously just say “hummus nachos”? Oh man…

  4. Oh man, this was seriously the best beer festival I’ve ever been to. And I go to a lot of beer festivals! There are so many things that can go wrong, and EVERYTHING was perfect and awesome at this one. The brewery reps were actually willing to talk to you, there were no douchebags, and there was tons of REALLY GOOD food. I love QuarryGirl forever. SPANKS. ❤

  5. This was so great. I enjoyed it a ton. Great beers, wonderful people and wonderful food. What more could you want.

  6. And Jesus was there too? Now I’m even more bummed that I missed it!

  7. I’m so glad it was a huge success! What a great event to bring together wonderful people, food, drinks, and music in one place. 🙂

  8. Sounds like a good time! Also, that cupcake looks amazing!

  9. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I must attend this next year, it looks like it was amazing.

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