Cinema and Donuts

Before I go in to my discovery of the perfect vegan donut, I’d like to recommend that you get to your local movie theater ASAP.  The current menu of films is muy excellente.  There are three movies I have seen in late 2010 that I cannot stop thinking: The Social Network, 127 Hours, and Black Swan.  You need to see each of them pronto!  Well, technically Black Swan hasn’t been released yet but when it comes out on December 3rd you should be first in line.  It is soooo freaky and so good.  Even if you aren’t down with the freaky, it’s impossible to not be awed by the ballet scenes.

I’m particularly enthused because I thought last year’s crop of award contenders was incredibly lackluster (Up in the Air?!  That snoozefest is Oscar worthy?  Am I the only person that finds that ludicris?)  But this year there has already been a slew of great flicks and there are only more to come!  The industry is already abuzz about Another Year, The King’s Speech, True Grit, and The Fighter and they all come out before year’s end.  But seriously…Black Swan, Black Swan, Black Swan.

Now back to this donut.  I came across it serendipitously at a Whole Foods in Berkeley.  We were perusing the salad bar so my mom could get some food for her flight back to the east coast when I spied a small selection of vegan donuts in the bakery case.  I couldn’t resist indulging when I spotted my favorite donut flavor of all time–cinnamon sugar.  A basic flavor, yes, but it is nonetheless one I have never come across in my vegan donutting adventures.  While I recently raved about Voodoo Donut in Portland (and I still stick by said rave), this little donut made by Posh Bakery in Santa Clara was the kind that just melts right on your tongue.  Its super-fine sugar topping and buttery insides lived up to my memory of my old flame–Dunkin Donut’s Cinnamon Crumb.  You Northern Californians have it so good.  We have a dearth of donuts down here while you can just get the creme de la creme of the orbicular pastries by walking into any ole Whole Foods.  But of course, down here we have cool movie screenings, so it all evens out!


8 responses to “Cinema and Donuts

  1. If you find yourself in the NJ/NY area you must try The Cinnamon Snail’s apple cider (cinnamon sugar coated) donut; it is the bomb.

    Also, going to see Fair Game this week & hoping it lives up to the hype!

  2. I always find myself missing all the awesome screenings in SoCal when I go bak home to NorCal. But you know what? The tree leaves changing color makes up for it 🙂

    I really want to see Black Swan, if only for the costume design. I also fully agree about 127 Hours. The pre-screening of it was INTENSE.

  3. Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I agree, we need more vegan donuts in general in Los Angeles!!

  4. I LOVED “Hereafter.” I’ve yet to see the three you mentioned, but I will!

  5. That donut looks amazing! I am so in love with The Social Network. I really need to go to the movies again soon.

  6. Thank you!! I couldn’t stand Up in the Air, it was horrid and depressing. I’m seeing all those movies you recommend as soon as I get back to the states!! Yippee!

  7. what a delicious blog! here is so many of inspirations!

    have a nice time,

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