A very fortuitious event has occurred.  Just as I was lamenting the slow death of my beloved Tribest blender, CSN stores offered me the chance to do another product review.  CSN sells everything from swingsets to Swiffers, but I’ve got my eye on a fancy new mixer.  Hopefully it will arrive soon and I can concoct some great new smoothie recipes.

I will miss my old pal Tribest.  He used to be so good at taking a melange of raw greens and fruit and turning into a smooth juice.  But now I spend an increasing amount of time each morning picking all the giant green chunks of kale out of my teeth before I go into work (a lovely image, I know.)  It is a rather unappetizing way to start the day.  I am looking forward to some well-blended green smoothies in my near future.

This is how well my Tribest use to do…From this…

…to this:

See how I even upgraded to the extra large blending container?  R.I.P. my friend!


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