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A Mexican whole foods oasis

I had a great time touring around the Yucatan on a recent trip to Mexico.  However, I am finding that every time I leave Southern California, I find myself yearning to be home where I can cook my own food and find many healthy options when dining out.  In Mexico I found myself ordering veggie fajitas at practically every meal, and while they are delicious, even salsa and guacamole can wear on a person’s tastebuds.  Even when staying with family in Boston this summer, I found myself choosing between the wheat thins in their pantry or starvation. I thought everyone stocked at least some fresh fruits and veggies at any given time!? Apparently not.

Anyway, back to Me-he-co.  While strolling around Playa del Carmen looking for a lunch spot before our ferry ride to Cozumel, I became increasingly discouraged at all the tourist traps whose menu’s only vegan offerings seemed to be chips and salsa.  Then, all of a sudden, I happened upon a tropical oasis with…TOFU on the menu.  Score!!!  We had arrived at 100% Natural, a chain restaurant with a focus on healthy eats.


We were seated on the gorgeous patio right next to a little waterfall which was filled with bananas which was strange but cute.  I started with a giant oat horchata.  It tasted like cold, blended oatmeal.  I’m not making it sound very appetizing but it was great!  And extremely cooling on this super hot day.


A bread basket comes complimentary with your meal along with a couple sauces and some onions and peppers.  The tomatillo sauce was the best I’ve ever had.  Watch out for the peppers though–my boyfriend had one and spent the rest of the meal holding back tears and stealing gulps of my horchata.  And he’s Mexican and is no stranger to spiciness!


I ordered tofu tacos which came with an awesome little side salad.  The guacamole came out with cheese on it which was slightly annoying, but trust me, I had probably had guacamole for breakfast and would have it for dinner that day, so no need to cry over this one missed guac opportunity.  The tofu tacos were really good and I was just so pumped to have a protein source that wasn’t black or pinto beans.


I was so pleased with 100% Natural, that when we were on our way back to the airport several days later, I made the boyfriend navigate the totally confusing traffic circles of downtown Cancun to find the restaurant’s local outpost.  There we shared the oyster mushroom ceviche for an appetizer.  I’ve never had regular ceviche, but this stuff was quite tasty.


For my entree, I ordered a veggie tofu stir-fry which had some of the best tofu I’ve ever had.  It was incredibly tamarind-y and tangy.


If you find yourself in Mexico anytime soon, I highly suggest you look up the closest 100% Natural location.  You shant regret it.

100% Natural

Multiple locations throughout Mexico