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Has Bloom finally gotten their shit together?!

Bloom was once a staple on our daily lunch rotation at the office. But at some point we got sick of the terrible service. They would always give us the wrong food or charge us the wrong amount and on a couple occasions they completely lost our order and I had to sit and wait for up to an hour for them to remake everything.

But I missed ole Bloom so I thought we should give them another shot and to my utter surprise, when I went to pick up the food today, it was complete and ready to go!

My Berry Good smoothie was made with berries, mango, and coconut water and it was rockin’. The bee pollen garnish is a fun touch.

I am a mondo fan of quinoa so, of course, I had to order the Indian Delight Quinoa Salad. Sunflower seeds, chili, and mint were mixed with the quinoa and served over spinach leaves. T’was super healthy and super deelish.

So the moral of the story is that it seems Bloom has learned how to act like a restaurant and that is good news for me because now I’ll be able to convince the rest of the office that we should eat there more often.

Bloom Cafe
5544 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019