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Cinnaholic: The 100% Vegan Cinnamon Roll Joint

On my recent trip to Northern California, my mom and I spent an afternoon strolling around Berkeley.  We absolutely had to stop in to Cinnaholic–the world’s first all-vegan cinnamon roll shop (well, I’m just assuming it’s the world’s first.  Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)  At this adorable little shop there are endless combos of icing flavors and toppings.  My mom opted for a classic cinnamon roll with plain frosting while I went for pumpkin icing with cookie dough on top, with some vanilla soymilk to wash it all down.

Before entering the place, I had mentally prepared myself for the postprandial sugar-coma I assumed would ensue.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cinnamon rolls, while definitely decadent, were not the sickeningly sweet fat-bombs I used to eat every time I found myself within spitting distance of an airport Cinnabon.  These rolls were perfectly buttery while still flaky.  The icings, which are flavored using extracts, aren’t applied with a heavy hand, so they don’t drown the roll and turn it to mush.

If you aren’t feeling very inventive, Cinnaholic offers a menu of their own creations, such as this strawberry pie roll, complete with oatmeal crumble topping.

Cinnaholic is such a rare gem.  It’s not often one finds a bakery where you can walk in and order absolutely anything off the menu, knowing it is guaranteed to be vegan  I think they should expand tout-de-suite and open their second location in L.A.  Hell, they are so good, I’d be willing to buy my own Cinnaholic franchise and open it up myself!

2132 Oxford St.
Berkeley, CA 94704