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La Vida Dolce

Tuesday was our last day of principle shooting! We had Chipotle for lunch, which everyone seemed to agree was bad. You can absolutely tell that the place is owned by McDonalds. Everyone’s food was tiny, gross, or both. I ordered a fajita salad which was slimy black beans with a truckload of guacamole and two slices of bell pepper. It was totally unappetizing and I am totally dumbfounded that when this Culver City location of the franchise opened recently people waited in line for over an hour to get lunch there.

After our disappointing lunch, Canada and George went to walk down the street to get some cupcakes from Bluebird. They took forever though and when they returned I found out why–they had actually gone to Dolce Isola and brought back sorbet!!! Literally every time we went to lunch at Dolce Isola over the season, I would ask for a taste of their peach sorbet and come back and tell everyone how mind blowing it is. So those two tricksters brought back peach and coconut. The coconut turned out to be even better than the peach! It wasn’t really sweetened which was awesome. You would never guess that either one didn’t have dairy. See George and Canada digging in above. What a sweet way to end season five!

Dolce Isola
2869 S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA


La Dolce Isola: Just like The Ivy but without all the jerks

La Dolce Isola is The Ivy’s little sister cafe where all the baked goods for the main restaurant are made and we can practically smell the fresh bread all the way over here on the other side of the 10. This is definitely not the most vegan-friendly place on the planet, but they are very accommodating: When we went a few weeks ago they whipped me up an excellent roasted veggie dish.

Today I had some left over Indian food to get rid of, so I went light and just ordered the Carrot Salad. It doesn’t look like much, but this little salad is killer. It’s loaded with cilantro and something with kick (pepper?).

My coworkers drool over the baked goods here, especially the chocolate chip cookies and the homemade gelato. If I were you, I would skip The Ivy and head straight to La Dolce Isola where both the prices and the staff are nice and you won’t risk getting smacked in the brain with a paparazzo’s 3 foot lens.

La Dolce Isola
2869 S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039