About moi

Hola amigos!

Liz here.  Here are some things “about” me:

I am a native of both Detroit and North Carolina and while I love both of those places, after living in L.A for almost 5 years I consider myself to be a full-fledged Angeleno and I can’t imagine ever living anywhere else.

Things I love about L.A.: perpetual sunshine, amazing vegan food at every turn, mountains and beach in the same panorama, being able to see tiny indie films in limited release, year-round farmer’s markets, dog-friendliness, good libraries, Los Dodgers!, celebrity sightings, my highly walkable Silver Lake/Los Feliz neighborhood, and my fun T.V. job.

The one thing I dislike about L.A.: the complete lack of a vegan donut shop.  (Yeah, that’s right…I don’t even mind the traffic.)

I originally went vegetarian during my freshman year of college.  I had always been interested in animal rights and had even done a vegetarian stint in middle school (during which my diet consisted of Cheerios and white cheddar rice cakes and little else.)  It wasn’t until I had to start cooking my own meals that I realized I was repulsed by having to touch or cook raw meat, so I probably shouldn’t eat it.

After being vegetarian for 5 years, I decided to try veganism.  I had always liked the idea of being vegan but knew I could never do it because…of course…how could I give up cheese?  Oddly, the thing that pushed me over the edge into a dairy-free diet was an attempt to lose some weight in anticipation of the next time I might run into my ex boyfriend.  I wanted to look particularly fit and sure enough, within a month of dropping dairy, I lost about 8 pounds.  I felt so much better physically but eating without having to feel guilty is what sold me on veganism for life.

And by the way…I RARELY miss cheese…EXCEPT…occasionally I do get nostalgic over Kraft Dinner Mac N Cheese but that is so far from being real cheese anyway it really doesn’t count as a dairy hankering 🙂

Should you wish to contact me, you can leave me a comment or feel free to e-mail me.  Until I can get my host e-mail fixed, you can reach me here: candycadieux@gmail.com



3 responses to “About moi

  1. Enjoyed some of your recipes here. Though I’m not vegan, I love trying vegan recipes. It motivates me to eat & stay healthy. Now for cheese, you must try daiya cheese. We’ve made some delicious sandwiches with it like this one here. http://www.foodista.com/blog/2011/06/23/cheese-rehab-recipes-to-get-you-through

  2. Awesome blog! This is the most amazing vegan info ever. I am going completely vegan in 2012! Yo Soy! signed, MAPS

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